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What Pokemon Do You Think You Are?

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The name master:
Based on personality/behavior of pokemon, which one do you think you are?


Snorlax because I sleep a lot!


not chloe:
I'm Mr Mime because I'm creepy, pink, have an affinity to French mime culture.

Also if you saw me at the end of your bed in the middle of the night I would definitely start chanting "mime mime mime mime"

The Shrub Dragon:
im whismur because i hate loud noises but i love to yell

Lucario because I have a strange sixth sense about people and even though I'm usually a very chill person I can pretty much kick anyone's butt.

I honestly don't know to be honest. Not saying blaziken because that's a copout. Guess i'll go with a flygon because its a dragonfly and dragonflies are annoying to some people :P


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