Author Topic: New 3DS Owners?  (Read 876 times)

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New 3DS Owners?
« on: April 12, 2015, 18:16 »
I have it...and it is pretty great. I got the standard New 3DS because I wanted that SNES vibe plus the changeable covers, I also got it with Xenoblade 3D because...of reasons. Does anyone else here own one or want to own one? Thoughts, opinions, experiences? Here are a few notes so far of my experience:

  • Transferring everything from my older 3DS (The first-launch normal 3DS) was easy. I did it wirelessly instead of copy and pasting across SD cards and it worked like a charm. It was a little bit slow because it uses local wireless but all was fine on the other side. I don't store much on the SD card as it is, so maybe that helped.
  • Super Stable 3D is GREAT. I thought it was destined for failure given that head-tracking is kind of poor in Pokemon Amie if you're in anything but completely optimal lighting conditions but it works perfectly. I'd gotten into the habit of keeping my head solidly still during any 3D moments and then turning it off after that, now I can just keep it on and enjoy.
  • The console itself looks and feels the business, everything is matte and nice to hold
  • The sound is noticeably better and more rich. When I started up Alpha Sapphire Kyogre's roar just had so much more texture and there were more sounds that could be heard
  • Xenoblade doesn't look half as bad as people are complaining about. Shulk and co just get a bit jaggy if you zoom out too much
  • The stylus is worse, basically. It feels tacky and plastic-y and you can't fit the old stereoscopic stylus in there. It's like going back to the DS
  • The new C-stick doesn't really feel like a stick, it's solid like a button and barely moves. It does work completely well, but it doesn't have that same amount of obviousness that the other stick has.
  • Pokemon still lags in 3D. This is basically a software issue on GameFreak's behalf.
  • Xenoblade's British accents are weird after years of hearing American voice acting and there's no Japanese audio option

What are everyone else's thoughts so far?

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Re: New 3DS Owners?
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2015, 17:29 »
Also Unity support has just been announced for the New models, so that should be another big selling point to upgrade.

Enjoyed my Majora's Mask New XL very much since launch date and now that I have finished the Wii version last week, I'm looking forward to really cracking on the Xenoblade 3D. :)

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Re: New 3DS Owners?
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2015, 17:38 »
I'm not buying this unless Nintendo forces me to (and for some reason I wouldn't mind if they do, maybe I've come to accept how business works) because I already have a 3DS regular and XL.  But all of your Xenoblade comments applied to the Wii version lol

I already have the Wii version so I'm aiming to finish that at least, same with Majora's Mask (I have it on VC, and bought it on VC the week before it was announced dammit!)
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