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Looking through the archives people wasted 20 years of their lives obsessing over Misty leaving pokemon, and she stayed gone for 20 years besides a handful of eps at the end.

Why on earth did people think Misty was important?

It's ironic when you stop to realize over 80% of the fanbase has grown up watching the show long after Misty is gone, hence why May, Dawn, etc. also became popular with the majority of original fans and convinced the writers not to bring Misty back to the cast in the early 2000's.

I honestly feel sorry for the people who wasted decades of their lives from the time they were young kids or teens (most are around 30 years old now), thinking Misty had to come back and she never did besides brief cameos.

Oh well I guess?

Well Nintendo doesn't have anything to do with the writing of the anime and Misty stayed gone because the majority of original fans didn't care and watched the show for two decades after she left. Between that and the millions of kids who grew up watching after she left, Misty's irrelevant to about 80% of the series now. What were people expecting? Misty to stay in the anime for all 20+ years? lol

My my, how time flies. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday we first heard the news Misty was leaving the Pokemon anime, it's hard to believe that was a whopping 20 years ago now. Misty left in 2002 at the end of Johto, by 2022, she'll have been gone a full 20 years.

Misty's now in less than 20% of the animes total episodes. Nowadays the ENTIRE series is after Misty left, with 900+ episodes and multiple series. Misty stayed gone not only for Hoenn, but every single generation that came after. There's also a whopping 9+ female companions after Misty, which proves Misty could be replaced with any type of female lead and the show would continue on.

It's kinda funny when you remember how people tried to make a big deal out of Misty leaving, yet she really did stay gone for the end of Johto for the entire duration of the series anyway, and only got a few brief cameos in Hoenn and in SM. I guess a lot of people wrongly thought she would be more important to the show than she turned out.

TV Series / Re: Which episode is this?
« on: March 04, 2018, 18:56 »
It might be, "A Shroomish Skirmish" from late Hoenn, which is the ep Torchic evolved into Combusken.

LOL, on the cover they include Brock's useless Zubat instead of Totodile? They put Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Heracross there, but don't include Totodile? And they show Brock's Zubat...something that barely ever appeared and people completely forget about?

Who designs these covers.

If you stop to think of it, most of the older cast has been gone for years now, and aside from stuff like flashbacks or in the Japanese openings/endings, they simply don't appear in episodes anymore. For example:

- Misty hasn't appeared in an episode in 10 years. Her last appearance was back in 2005 when Ash came home from the Hoenn league. Since Battle Frontier started, Misty never appeared in the anime ever again. Her last episode was AG134, "A real Cleffa-Hanger" and then afterwards she was basically neglected to flashbacks and that's it. Its pretty notable that Misty hasn't had any appearance since AG, which is now three generations and 10 years ago.

- Tracey hasn't had a speaking role since the final episode of AG back in 2006. We've never seen him again since.

- Gary hasn't appeared since the Team Galactic finale back in 2009. Since then he's never appeared again.

- May's last appearance was the Wallace Cup back in 2008. Even with the release of ORAS it seems it wasn't enough to get her another appearance.

- Dawn's cameo in BW back in 2012 looks to be the end of her character forever too, especially with Serena designed to be so similar to her.

- Brock is of course gone for good, having stayed gone for two gens with Cilan and Clemont replacing him. His last appearance was in a Cilan special that only aired in Japan

So given the huge gaps in time for some of the older characters, especially ones without an episode appearance in an entire decade like Misty and Tracey, is it safe to say the writers are done with the entire older cast?

I'd rather see a re-release of Hoenn on DVD as that season far more enjoyable. Also give the remakes coming out, its the perfect time anyway.

TV Series / XY anime
« on: November 04, 2013, 22:23 »
The first few episodes have aired in Japan and the first two eps aired in the U.S. already in a preview. Thoughts so far?

It has a very similar feeling to AG due to a 4 person group with another sibling pair on the cast. Ash's personality seems back to what it was in Hoenn with Serena feeling like a mix of May or Dawn. Bonnie and Clemont are the sibling pair.

I like that they're trying a 4 person group again as going back to a trio in DP was extremely boring, and the BW trio while Ok was too short lived to make much impact.

Well May did have a pretty strong team when she returned in Sinnoh. Not much, but that's what time away from that walking Everstone Ash can sometimes do for you. X

Yeah, every female lead gets stronger AFTER they leave Ash. I always thought Misty's team was boring since she had all generic water pokemon, that's why the writers only focused on Psyduck because it was her one good pokemon.

Iris only had 4 pokemon, and her Dragonite was ridiculous.

Dawn's team started off good but once Ambipom was released it got lackluster. Neither Piplup nor Buneary ever evolved, and Mamoswine wasn't as strong as it should have been. Don't get me started on that Togekiss that was just handed to her without any training.

Man I hope Serena gets a good team in the anime. Iris' team was lackluster and Misty's team of all water pokemon got boring.

I sort of liked May and Dawn's teams, but even then they weren't as good as they could have been. I wish the main girl could have a strong collection of pokemon for once.

TV Series / Re: 6th Gen Anime Predictions
« on: September 12, 2013, 20:27 »
Also, I really hope Clemont isn't the Cilan replacement. Bring back brock pls.

Brock's not coming back. And considering few people liked him in Sinnoh, that's a good thing.

As for the XY group, I don't mind a group of 4 again. Its just that Bonnie (the little girl), is going to run into the same problems as Max. After a while the writers ran out of things to do with Max and he was just there, so I don't see what they can do with Bonnie that's any different.

Serena is probably going to be another May or Dawn type character I guess.

TV Series / Re: Brock to Return
« on: August 23, 2013, 06:02 »
Brock's not coming back, he's getting a single episode at the end of BW to meet Cilan. He's not in the XY series and truthfully nobody should want him back after how poor he was in DP.

Brock, much like Misty, had the misfortune of being poorly received in their last respective sagas, and then replaced with characters who became just as popular or moreso than they did. So the writers decided to never bring them back to the main cast. This is why Misty has not had an episode return since 2005, and probably never will again.

This will probably be Brock's final appearance in the anime before the writers allow him to fade away into oblivion along with Misty.

Sometimes I wonder if Misty's departure wasn't intended to be permanent at first, but then became that way because most people didn't care that Misty was gone. Misty was removed as an experiment at first, back then nobody knew if the series could go on without the original trio, as Tracey had bombed.

Its obvious that if this had been the case, Misty would have been brought back like Brock was, but it seemed May just became more popular and the Contests became a major part of the show at the time so they decided not to.

Its especially notable when you realize how short-lived Misty's character actually was in the anime. She only lasted 5 years and has now been off the series for a decade. She's only in 35% of the anime's total episodes now. If the writers truly thought Misty was popular enough for a return, they would have never allowed her to stay gone past the Hoenn arc. But instead they allow her to fade away into oblivion for the rest of the series, bar some minor cameos.

TV Series / Re: Pokemon Origins Announced!!
« on: August 19, 2013, 15:02 »
Apparently this is just a single special, not a series.

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