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A. "Chamber" Quamaté
« on: June 04, 2009, 22:04 »
Simeon "Dice" Dyson

Age: 20















The boy stood on the burning deck. The agonised screams of far off people seemed murky and distant to Archibald as he held on tightly to his Spinarak's Poke Ball. An explosion from behind him caused him to turn, and the sinking ship was lit up in the dark of the night. A whoop of joy could be heard, and Archibald saw the large Magma insignia bear down on him, affixed to the side of a gargantuan ship, reigning fire down on his Team, on his family.

He turned and ran, making for the stairs. Aqua grunts and admins ran past, panic taking over their senses, and Archibald struggled against the flow. Before long, he realised he was treading in water, up to his knees, and with a sudden sense of cold dread, he realised he was alone. He didn't recognise where he was, he knew it was a storage chamber, but other than that...

Despite the flood that grew, steady smoke drifted toward the ceiling, and Archibald's mind became clouded, and he closed his eyes, trying to figure out what part of the ship he was in. He looked down again, Spinarak still in his hand. He wondered where his family were, the smoke causing his memory to fade, and he found himself unable to recall what he'd been doing when the Magmas attacked.

Archibald choked as the water rose above his head. He opened his eyes beneath the water and searched for the exit of the room he'd entered. He instinctively took a breath, sucking more water in, and he struggled against nothing. A series of images filled his mind, staccatto as gunfire, and his mind felt like a vice gripped it. With a sudden jolt, he stopped struggling, and he thought he must have surely died. Archibald could feel his hold on conciousness slipping from him, and he drifted in the still waters for what felt like eternity. A board came into view, half torn apart in the explosions on the ship. It would have read "Storage Chamber," but only 'chamber' was left. As he read the word, music filled his dying brain, and he could make out each seperate instrument the made up a mental orchestra, the water softening the notes of violins, cellos... He closed his eyes and let the music take hold of him, sinking into infinity...

It must have only been a second, for the music had taken him somewhere else, a place that he reasoned must be heaven, but he hit his head against something hard. He opened his eyes, and realised that he'd bumped into a drawer that lay half open. Poke balls drifted out, and one opened, a great beast with cannons on its back. The Pokemon reacted quickly, taking hold of the drowning child, aiming a cannon at the side of the ship and firing a thick white beam. The explosion was muted, and the Blastoise jetted swiftly out the makeshift hole.

The boy broke the surface of the water, taking in deep breaths. Blastoise looked down at the small child, before lifiting the boy out of the water and placing it securely on the  back of its sturdy shell. The music still played in his mind, and he looked back at the sinking ship, now nearly submerged. With it, Team Aqua's Leader would surely be taken to its depths, and Archibald realised that he no longer had to be bound to the Team. With the ship would sink Archibald of Team Aqua. Chamber was all that was left. He had no sympathy for those he left behind, for they had chosen death when they had made enemies of Team Magma. This senseless war, fighting and death being the only fruits of their had to stop.

Chamber sat on Blastoise's back, drifting toward the sunset, only one thought in mind:

He would end the fighting.

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Re: A. "Chamber" Quamaté
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2009, 23:12 »
Very nice stuff. Approved.