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Simple: Post something simple or small you accomplished today, but you're still proud of.

Today I spotted the stray cat that's been hanging around my campus that nobody has been able to bring to animal control. I sat down and got it close, and gained its trust. After calling Public Safety, and them telling me to call Animal Control, and then Animal Control being closed for the night, some people who lived nearby stopped and saw me with the cat, and then volunteered their apartment to keep the cat until the morning. I was like, alright, but when one of them tried to catch the cat, it ran away. I coaxed the cat back over, pet it for a bit, and then snagged it and brought it into their house. People have been trying to catch this cat for weeks with no avail, and I finally did. And good thing too, temperatures are supposed to get negative again tonight.

I managed to write a great essay that impressed not only me but my English Professor. It was on the Meaning of Life.

I got up this morning... With the way my lungs are that's something that should be celebrated...

Bought a new phone, with my own money. Is that really an accomplishment? Meh, whatever.

Kerou 犠牲:
I ate 12 slices of pizza go me


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