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Vanity Affair!

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Seamen! The Elite Four Drake Enters!
English Title
Vanity Affair!
This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash meets and battles Drake.

Ash and his friends were at a town on a shore.

Ash was in a battle with a another trainer, the opponent was using Scizzor and Ash was using Torkaol. Scizzor tried attacking but Torkaol used overheat which finishes Scizzor. The trainer sucked up to Ash telling him good he was then left. In the corner was a man with a moustache, just imagine captain birdseye.

Captain birdseye is seen in a resturant where team rocket are working, he asks for a drink and says it better be the best he tasted.

Ash and the others arrive at the same resturant, what are the odds? May said that Ash was good at battling and he said he needed more of a challenge.

Max points out that captain birdseye is elite four Drake, he then invites Ash, Brock, May and Max to his ship. He invites team rocket aswell because they sadit he drink was good, what are the odds of that?

A huge ship arrives at port, it looks like its made of wood, Drake hasnot updated his ship.

Onboard, Drake asks Ash for a battle ( I bet you didnot see this coming ). The battle starts on the deck, Drake sends out Shelgon, Ash calls pickachu. Ash who is over confident tries attacking, Shelgon just stands its ground and moves slow. A shipmate says that Drake knows what he is doing.

Giving the order for an iron tail, Pickachu jumps up into the air, everyone is watching thinking that pickachu is going to use iron tail, it comes closer, and closer and then... dragon breathe, no not pickachu. Drake orders Selgon to use dragon breathe. A green subtence shoots out of its mouth.

Pickachu loses.

Drake then sends out Altaria, Ash choses Grovyle. Ash tells Grovyle to go up jumping to the masts, Altaria follows, Grovyle gfoes to attack around a corner but Altaria is not there,... dragon breathe, Grovyle lands on the deck. A speeck is given telling Ash not to be over confident or it will affect or performance stoping you from noticing. Ashes used Drakes mouthed lip. Grovyle gets back up, Grovyle dodoges an attack an goes in for razor leaf but Altaria attacks back and wins the round.Team rocket offer some drinks making grab pickachu and jump in their hot air baloon.

Drake calls Salamance which attacks their baloon, rescueing pickachu. Drakes talks to Ash around a table when the sun goes down, telling him of a time when he was losing battles but managed to pull himself together to become the one of the best trainers in Houen.

The image of them and the sea closes.

This episode guide has been written by Gurpreet Natt.

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