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Saved by the Beldum!

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Start the Preliminaries! Morrison Appears!
English Title
Saved by the Beldum!
This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash, Morrison and Tetsuya all proceed to the second round of the Hoenn League.

Outside of the Hoenn League building, Ash and his Poke'mon are stretching, hoping to win the league. Ash encourages his Poke'mon by giving them a speech. Although not everyone is as energetic as Ash. May is yawning while sitting on a boulder. She picks up her food guidebook and looks for something to eat.

Ash and Brock start to talk about Masamune. Brock wonders if she got her last Gym Badge. Ash starts to tell his Poke'mon to practice their attacks. Glalie uses Ice Beam and it hits a person chasing after some food. That Person is Masamune!

Ash runs over to Masamune, although she is frozen in a block of ice in a pond. Once Masamune is out, she shows Ash her badge. Masamune looks at Ash’s Poke'mon, and seems to be surprised. Ash says that he is training them.

Masamune releases her Poke'mon. She has a Growlithe, Gligar, Swampert, Steelix, Girafarig and Beldum. Ash tells Masamune that her Poke'mon are great and they bpthe agree that they will have a race. Masamune and Ash run, but they fall into a hole dug by Team Rocket. Team Rocket do their motto, and then tell Ash and Masamune that they will steal their Poke'mon, but Tetsia and his Meowth stand behind them.

Team Rocket’s Meowth is very happy. He wants to face his rival again. Tetsia’s Meowth ignores him, thinking he isn’t worthy. Team Rocket’s Meowth gets angry and goes to attack Tetsia’s Meowth. Tetsia tells his Meowth to use Iron Tail, and as it does, Team Rockets’ Meowth gets thrown back into Jessie and James and they all blast off.

Brock runs to Ash and Masamune. Brock tells Masamune about something at the Poke'mon centre, and Masamune runs off. In the Poke'mon centre, Ash and Masamune thank Tetsia and his Meowth. Tetsia says that it was his Meowth that deserves all the credit. Tetsia’s Meowth walks out of the Poke'mon Centre. Tetsia follows him.

Brock immediately changes the subject to the preliminaries the next day. Max mentions that Ash should think hard before choosing his Poke'mon. Although Ash and Masamune are too confident, they are ready to battle!

As the day of the Preliminaries start, Tetsia and his Meowth are sitting on a bench. It’s Masamunes turn for a battle. Ash and co cheer for her. Masamune’s rival sends out Electabuzz. Masamune sends out Beldum. Beldum tries a tackle attack, but Electabuzz pushes it back. Beldum tries it once more but it just can’t get to Electabuzz. Ash is shocked. Electabuzz uses dynamic punch and Beldum is hit. Beldum tries tackle again, but is stopped again! Electabuzz uses Dynamic Punch again. Beldum gets angry, so it starts to glow.

In shock, Ash stands up. Beldum is evolving! When the glow stops, a Metang appears. Ash checks it on his Poke'dex. Masamune is also shocked. Max thinks Masamune can win. Electabuzz tries a Dynamic Punch, but before it hits, Metang uses psychic to stop it. Metang stops psychic, and uses take down, Electabuzz faints. Masamune is the winner.

Team Rocket is selling food.

Ash and Masamune sit in the stands, cheering on Tetsia, as it is his turn to battle. Tetsia and his Meowth have to beat a Persian. For some reason, Tetsia’s Meowth holds a grudge against the Persian?

Team Rocket is in the stands selling things to the audience. Team Rockets’ Meowth stares at Tetsia’s Meowth.

The battle hasn’t started and Tetsia’s Meowth is determined to win. While the referee is explaining the rules Tetsia’s Meowth starts to attack! He tries a Slash but Persian dodges it. Persian attacks Tetsia’s Meowth and hits him in the face. Tetsia tells his Meowth to use Double Team, and Persian can’t tell which one is real.

Persian uses Shadow Ball, and Tetsia’s Meowth is knocked against the wall. Tetsia’s Meowth hits Persian with a Iron Tail. He also uses a thunderbolt and Persian faints. Tetsia and his Meowth are declared the winner. Tetsia’s Meowth goes mad and starts to attack Persian. Tetsia tries to stop it. Ash and Team Rocket are wondering why Tetsia’s Meowth is attacking Persian even more! Tetsia calls his Meowth back to it’s pokeball, it does return.

Ash, being as curious as he always is, wonders why Tetsia’s Meowth was acting like that. Tetsia says that in a forest, his Meowth was attacked by a Persian, he has holded a grudge ever since. After hearing the story, the gang starts to figure it out. Behind their backs, Team Rocket's Meowth is there listening. He is sad after hearing the story.

It is now Ash’s turn to compete in the Preliminaries.

Pikachu attacks the Hitmonlee with an Iron Tail. Hitmonlee chases Pikachu and Pikachu is finding it hard to avoid. Hitmonlee is suddenly injured? Hitmonlee attacks Pikachu with a Low kick, and Pikachu attack Hitmonlee with an Iron Tail. With that, Ash wins and he hugs Pikachu.

The Preliminaries have finished. People are either being knocked out or going through. As Ash holds the torch, he is on live TV and Misty, plus more people are watching him. Ash lights the huge fire, and on that, the episode ends.

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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