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On Cloud Arcanine

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Advanced Battle
Japanese Title
Rival Confrontation! Get Arcanine!
English Title
On Cloud Arcanine
On the way to the Battle Arena, Ash and Co have stopped at a bakery to get some food. Unfortunately there's a long line of customers who also want some. While they are waiting in line they hear a sound. Everyone in the crowd looks around to see what it is and see an Arcanine running up the path very fast. Ash pulls out his Pokédex to get some info. As it gets closer it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Theme Song.

As the Arcanine gets to the crowd it suddenly jumps, majestically, straight over everybody. As it is in mid air May looks on, in awe at how beautiful it is. It then lands and runs off down the path. May then says that she would love to catch it. They then hear another sound which turns out to be Drew and his Flygon. Drew orders Flygon to use Flamethrower but Arcanine jumps away and uses Heat Wave. Flygon dodges but that was all the time Arcanine needed. It uses Extremespeed and gets away. May asks Brock what Extremespeed is and Brock answers that its an attack that increases a Pokémon's speed and in battle and can almost guarantee you have the first attack. Drew then come up them and says that only an amateur would ask a question like that. May then asks what he's doing in Kanto to which he replies that real winners can never resist competition and then asks May why she's there. This annoys May. Brock then asks if he's there to enter the Kanto Grand Festival. Drew then, arrogantly, says that he's there to win it. May then says that he wont win the Festival and that she will. This gives Drew a chance to show off his first Kanto Contest Ribbon which upsets May because she hasn't won one yet. Drew then says that he is going to catch the Arcanine so he can win his way through Kanto. May says that she is going to catch it, not him. Drew and Flygon head off in search of the Arcanine. Ash then says that, to help May catch Arcanine, they can all help. They all set of after it.

At the doorway of the bakery, Team Rocket, who are working there for a while watch as Ash and co run off and wonder what they are there for. The owner of the bakery comes up behind them and threatens to fire them if they don't get back to work. This scares them and they start work again.

Using Mudkip to follow Arcanine's trail, Ash and co start talking about how to catch it and how hard it will be. Suddenly Mudkip senses something. As they go in the direction Mudkip showed them they come across Arcanine picking Pecha berries. They hide behind a bush and watch it for a moment then Ash suggests trying to catch it while its busy. May sends out Combusken to battle Arcanine but it starts running. Combusken follows it and seems to be catching up until it uses Extremespeed again and gets away. Ash comments that Combusken could never catch-up with an Arcanine. This seems to upset Combusken so May apologises for sending it out against such a fast opponent. Max wonders how they are going to catch Arcanine if they cant even catch up with it to which Brock answers that they will have to think it through and get some information.

They stop at a hut in the middle of the woods to see if the owner knows anything about the Arcanine. The owner is stood outside chopping fire wood. Because of this, Max is reluctant to talk to him. Ash goes over and to him.

At the bakery, people are still waiting for their food. Jessie, carrying a tray of food, spots a huge cake and tries a bit of icing off of it. James spots her and takes a bit himself to balance it out. Meowth then comes along and tells them not to put holes in the cake, but to take chunks instead. Jessie and James start taking chunks like Meowth and are soon eating all the cake.

Back at the old mans hut, Ash and co are enjoying a drink while they talk to him. He asks them if they are hoping to learn about the Arcanine and mentions that someone with a Flygon had been past and asked already. May asks if he told Drew everything about it, which he did. She then asks if he would tell her everything aswell.

Back at the bakery and Team Rocket have eaten almost all of the cake. James asks if anyone will notice and Jessie says that they will. She then blames James and Meowth for eating so much but Meowth says that it was Jessie and James who ate alot. They then hear the owner shout for them to bring the cake but none of them want to take it. Jessie suggests they hide it. The owner comes through to see what's wrong and asks where the cake is. They all ask him what cake and Wobbuffet opens its mouth, revealing the half eaten cake on its tongue. When the owner notices this he gets really angry, fires them and throws them out.

At the hut the old man is showing them a map of the forest and the main places he has seen Arcanine. Brock notices that a spring where it drinks is not too far away and Arcanine will need water. They set off to find it.

While waiting for Arcanine at the spring, Ash asks May what kind of Pokémon she'll use against it. She says that she'll use Squirtle and both Brock and Max think that its a good idea. Whilst waiting, Ash's stomach starts to rumble and he asks if its time for lunch. May says that if he isn't quiet then he'll never eat lunch again. His stomach rumbles again and May shouts at him. Max says that her shouting is louder than Ash's stomach and Brock decides that it would be a good idea to have some food. Ash says that May shouldn't go up against Arcanine on an empty stomach.

In the middle of their lunch Arcanine turns up for a drink. May spots it but before she can do anything it sees them and runs away.

Out in the forest, Team Rocket are arguing about who's fault it was that they got fired. They are also very hungry. Wobbuffet pops out of the bushes with an arm full of Pecha berries, it then proceeds to eat the lot. This really annoys Jessie and she grabs Wobbuffet by the head and tells it to give them the berries back, even though its just eaten them. Meowth then asks it to tell them where it found them.

Somewhere in the forest, Ash and co are at the next place where they think Arcanine will come. A patch of trees full of Pecha berries. Also, Brock has a plan to catch it. Since there are only two ways to get to the patch of trees, the North or the South, May and Max will hide at the North if Arcanine comes that way and Ash and Brock will hide at the South if it come that way. If it comes from the South then Ash and Brock will drive it towards May and Max. They each send out their Water Pokémon to help. Ash with Corphish, Brock with Mudkip and May and Max with Squirtle.

Arcanine, coming from the South, is met by Corphish's Bubble Beam which sends it towards Brock. Mudkip then uses Water Gun to send it towards May. May tells Squirtle to get ready but its asleep. She wakes it up but no sooner has Arcanine arrived than it uses Roar to send Squirtle back into its Pokéball. Max then has an idea to send Munchlax out so it can use Metronome which will hopefully turn into a speed attack. May does so and as Arcanine runs off Munchlax uses Metronome which does indeed turn into Extremespeed. Ash and Brock arrive just in time to see it. May then orders Munchlax to jump onto Arcanine's back but it just runs straight past and starts collecting Pecha berries instead as Arcanine gets away.

Trying to get to where Wobbuffet found the berries, Team Rocket are climbing down a cliff. When they get to the bottom their happiness is short-lived as all the Pecha berries have gone. Jessie gets angry but then they hear a noise and Arcanine runs past. Meowth says that if they can catch it then it could be the answer to all their problems because they could give it to Giovanni then when he gets cold at night he can use it as a pillow to keep himself warm and maybe even reward them.

Up on a ledge overlooking the forest Ash and Co are waiting for Arcanine. Their plan is that while on the ledge Arcanine will have nowhere to run and May will be able to battle it and hopefully catch it. Arcanine then comes along and stands on the ledge. May jumps out and challenges it but then Drew does the jumps dow and does the same. While they are arguing, Arcanine jumps over them and runs away. May blames Drew for letting it get away and challenges him to a battle. He accepts.

With Brock as referee they start their battle. Drew and Flygon VS May and Squirtle. Drew lets May go first so she orders Squirtle to use Tackle. Drew tells Flygon to fly up so Squirtle misses and then orders a Steel Wing. May tries to counter with Bubble but Flygon dodges and hits with the Steel Wing. Squirtle starts crying. May picks it up and comforts it. Drew then goes after Arcanine and Ash and Co follow him. They get onto the ledge they saw Arcanine on but its not there. They then look up onto a higher ledge and see Arcanine feeding a group of little Growlithe, it pups. Suddenly a net comes down and grabs the Growlithe. Its Team Rocket. They say their motto. Then Jessie notices that they caught the Growlithe not the Arcanine and gets angry. Arcanine then jumps onto the net but another one comes down and traps it aswell. They then try to make their getaway. May then tells Drew to use Flygon and stop them. He does so and Flygon's Steel Wing sends Team Rockets balloon crashing down.

They run after it and find them stuck in a tree. Ash and Brock are about to finish them off but May and Drew tell them to let them do it because they were the ones who started it anyway. They let them. Flygon uses Steel Wing to set the Growlithe and Arcanine free, who then run to safety. James then sends out Cacnea who, after hugging James, attacks but May counters with Squirtle's Bubble. Jessie then sends out Dustox and tells it to use Poison Sting but Flygon's Flamethrower soon puts an end to that.

Brock comments that even though their styles are different, May and Drew work well as a team.

Cacnea is then ordered to use Sandstorm which starts pushing Squirtle back but Flygon steps infront and shields it. May and Drew then decide to finish things off. May orders Squirtle to hop aboard Flygon who flies out of the Sandstorm. May then ordered Squirtle to use Tackle and Drew tells Flygon to use Steel Wing. Squirtle knocks Dustox towards Team Rocket and Flygon does the same to Cacnea. May and Drew then use a Water Gun, Flamethrower combo to send Team Rocket "blasting off again". After seeing the Growlithe and Arcanine so happy, both May and Drew decide to leave them alone and watch as they run off home.

That evening as they go their separate ways Drew tells May about the Pokémon Contest in Saffron City which is luckily on the way to the Battle Arena. As they wave goodbye to Drew they set out for Saffron City.

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